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Inspection report—excellent throughout

16 June 2011

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) conducted an interim inspection of the school in May 2011 and the full report is now available here. That inspection categorised all aspects of the school\'s provision - the pupils\' achievements, their personal development, the curricular and extra-curricular provision, the teaching, the arrangement for pastoral care, health and safety, the governance, the leadership and management, the links with parents - as ‘excellent\', the strongest word the inspectors are allowed to use.

John Claughton, the Chief Master, said that he was delighted by the outcome. \"King Edward\'s School aims to provide a remarkable education, combining the highest possible academic aspirations with the richest possible school life for the boys. The good news is that the inspectors confirm that this is what we are doing in all parts of school life. I am particularly delighted that, in the pre-Inspection questionnaire, parents were ‘overwhelmingly supportive of all aspects of the work of the school.\' Long may that continue.\"