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Holocaust survivor speaks

26 March 2010

Inspirational is the only word that can begin to describe 84-year-old Kitty Hart-Moxon as she stood in Big School on 19th January, and told over 300 pupils, parents and teachers the gripping story of her life on the run from the Nazis and then as a prisoner in Auschwitz.  Kitty\'s story, one of heroism and resilience, captivated the audience for over two hours.


When the Nazis invaded Poland Kitty was 12 years old. At once her family scrambled away from their small home town of Bielsko in south-west Poland trying to escape the most infamous regime in living history. Just hearing of her journey was truly awe-inspiring. Kitty recounted her story with such gusto and vehemence that it was plain for all to see that it was her strength of character which enabled her to survive. From hiding in forests, to pretending not to be Jewish so that she could work in a factory, to being caught and transported to Auschwitz and of course the story of her survival there Kitty\'s resilience and determination are a lesson to us all.  \'Every minute of everyday, I was in fear of death\', she said. The trauma that she endured is unimaginable.


Kitty\'s reason for coming to talk to us was very clear: \'A Holocaust can happen to any group of people at any time, and it is my responsibility as a survivor, to stop that from happening by educating future generations\'.  Clearly, Kitty is a woman on a mission and we shall never forget her message.