King Edward’s School and the Great War

Memorial Roll of Honour 1914 - 1918


Yates, George Herbert

Lieutenant ▪ Army Pay Corps

George Herbert Yates, born on 11th September 1885, was admitted to King Edward’s School in September 1901. He was the youngest son of William and May Yates, but whilst at School he lived with a family in Aston because his father worked as a schoolmaster in Huddersfield.

George was in the Fourth Class of the Classical School, studying a primarily classical, rather than scientific, curriculum. He was a relatively strong academic, placed 6th out of 18 in his class overall, and was 4th in his mathematics set, B I. George was in the 1st XV rugby team for the 1902-03 season, weighing 9st 5lbs. The Chronicle describes him as “a fair wing threequarter. Has a good turn of speed but cannot dodge”.

George joined the 26th Regiment, Royal Fusiliers (Bankers’ Battalion) in November 1915 as a Private Soldier, fighting on the Somme in August 1916. He was wounded on the Belgian front, and attached to the Army Pay Corps in August 1917. Later he was promoted to Corporal with the APC, working in Boulogne, and he soon obtained his commission as a Lieutenant in December 1918 under the Field Cashier, HQ, 4th Army. He then contracted influenza followed by pneumonia which killed him on 15th February 1919 at 14th General Hospital in Wimereux, aged thirty-three. George left his estate of £135 to his father, William.