Old Edwardians

King Edward’s School alumni live all over the world and undertake a diverse range of careers with many going on to achieve greatness in their chosen fields. From winning Nobel Prizes and creating bestselling fiction to carrying out ground-breaking research and serving as members of parliament, our alumni are as individual as the education we provide.

Notable Old Edwardians:
Edward Burne-Jones, Pre-Raphaelite artist
Richard Borcherds, Winner of the Fields Medal (mathematical equivalent of the Nobel Prize)
Jonathan Coe, Author of The Rotters’ Club
Lee Child, Author of the bestselling ‘Jack Reacher’ series
Tony Miles, First English chess grandmaster
Bill Oddie, ‘Goodie’ and TV presenter
JRR Tolkien, Author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings
Field Marshall Slim, Possibly the greatest British General of the Second World War
Kenneth Tynan, Theatre critic
Sir John Vane, Nobel Prize-winner (Medicine)
Maurice Wilkins, Nobel Prize-winner (Physiology)
Lord Willetts, Politician

Old Edwardians Association

On leaving King Edward’s School boys become part of the thriving Old Edwardians Association (OEA). With over 4,500 alumni based in 48 countries, the OEA provides a unique source of information and advice and a good way of keeping in touch with peers.

Find out more about the OEA

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