Maths Resources

At our Maths Challenges, we are often asked by primary teachers where they can find questions at a similar level to the ones we use to challenge their top mathematicians.

Listed below are a number of resources that primary teachers may find useful to provide extension work in classes. If there are any other resources that you use and think we should add to the list please contact us at:

nRich is a great website with lots of rich exploration tasks.

The Primary Maths Challenge (written by the Mathematical Association) usually contains a good range of puzzling questions, starting reasonably straight forward and gradually getting more difficult. You may want to consider entering pupils at your school for the actual challenge but, either way, the set of past papers online may be helpful in your teaching.

The United Kingdom Maths Trust (UKMT) offer a Primary Team Maths Challenge. Some of the rounds are similar to the ones we use in the Maths Challenge but there are lots of resources on offer which are at a great level for gifted primary mathematicians.

The UKMT Junior Maths Challenge is usually aimed at Year 7 but most of the questions are accessible for able Year 6 pupils.

If pupils have access to iOS or Android devices then Sumaze is a great app that gets them to think about mathematical concepts and their underlying meaning in a fun way. Sumaze 2 may be a slightly easier version for primary children but undoubtedly elements of the first version are also great.

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