Modern languages

Our Modern Languages Workshop is designed to introduce primary schoolchildren to the principles of learning a new language in a fun and engaging way. Led by a group of KES students, we are working in partnership with WoLLoW (The World of Languages and Languages of the World). 

WoLLoW is an exciting new curriculum aimed at putting joy and fun at the heart of languages teaching for children in KS2. WoLLoW is a curriculum package for primary and secondary schools, which teaches children the history, culture and development of all languages and how they have shaped our lives. WoLLoW uses ideas and activities from a range of different subjects and helps pupils to understand patterns of grammar, uses of script and how learning through language can help shape their understanding of the world. 

We aim to visit your school for a half-term block over a series of Friday afternoons. Using materials from WoLLoW, this year we are offering a series of workshops on “A Linguistic Journey Around the World”. Pupils will explore topics such as Language families, Romance languages, Germanic languages, Indo-European languages, idiom and culture. The workshops are based on a 4-6 week placement with the same classes and would be suitable to Year 6 or Year 5.

The workshops are suitable for groups of up to 30 Year 5 or 6 pupils.

If you would like to register your school’s interest in a half-term block, please complete the form below. 

For more information and access to free resources, please visit the WoLLoW website

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