IB Learner Spotlight

In this series we will be sitting down with students who have demonstrated qualities found in the IB Learner Profile, and finding out about their experience in our school.

Abbas - Divisions (Year 12)

For the first of our IB Learner Spotlight case studies, we sat down with Abbas, who is currently in our Divisions (Year 12) to find out more about his time at the school, and more specifically, his role in the Sustainability Society. 

The video features music from Bensound.com

Anwar - Sixths (Year 13)

We sat down with Anwar, who is currently in our Sixths (Year 13) to find out why he chose to write his Extended Essay on a subject he doesn’t study.  

What is the best thing about the IB?

I ‘d say the best thing is the way that the IB pushes you to do more. Although I do have a passion for history, I don’t think I would have made space for it outside of school without the IB. It really pushes you to find new hobbies, and have fun with your passions in an academic way. 

What do you like most about King Edward’s School?

The thing I like most about our school is the freedom that we are given to pursue our own interests. 

Why did you choose to write your Extended Essay on a subject you don’t study?

My Extended Essay was based on the history topic, “To what extent did the Sierra Leone relocation scheme fail due to ignorance?“. I chose this essay, despite the fact that I do not study history, because I wanted to personally pursue this topic outside of the subjects I study. The IB gave me this opportunity, because although you are advised to choose something within your subject, you’re still given free reign to choose a topic that interests you. 

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to explore my own interests outside of my working life, in a similar way that I have been able to during my time at school.

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