Army Section

What is special about the Army Section? Well, the Army does not rely on ships, planes, or complex equipment. Just put on the camouflage, grab a weapon from the armoury, and with the guidance of an NCO with imagination, have a good battle.

The army cadet learns how to dress and look after his kit. His personal hygiene improves as he progresses through training. He learns how to survive in the field by building shelters and cooking. He learns many life skills, such as teaching others and navigation by map and compass or stars over good and bad terrain.

He deals with the four seasons on expeditions, summer camp, winter trekking and adventurous training. He can enter competitions such as Military Skills, March and Shoot, Skill at Arms Shoot, Cadet Stretch Command Tasks, Brigade Orienteering and First Aid. Moreover, he can attend courses in all aspects of adventurous training, including Mountain Leader, Canoe and Kayak Instruction, Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving, Arduous training and Leadership.

So what does he gain from all this? First, self-reliance teaches the cadet to organise himself, to accept responsibility, and to develop initiative and self-confidence. Second, through the ‘methods of instruction Cadre’, completed as part of NCO training, he learns to instruct junior cadets. Third, add one and two together and you get leadership abilities – patience, enthusiasm, consistency, humanity, personality. Finally, and most importantly, the cadet learns, practises, and observes safety in all aspects of training. He becomes a team member who can contribute to the team effort which in turn means the team will succeed. Which is what it is all about.

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