Political Awareness Week

More young people are disengaged with politics than ever before – only 60% of those under 27-years-old voted in the 2017 general election, compared to 80% above 27. However, holding government to account is vital to our democracy, to ensure that they are our representatives. With social media’s disinformation in the melting pot, that duty is harder to fulfil than ever before.

Taking place from Monday 22 to Friday 26 February 2021, Political Awareness Week provided a range of activities, events and presentations to get schools engaged in the issues of our time. Speakers included: Andy Street, West Midlands Metro Mayor; Robert Whalley, former Director of Counter-Terrorism at the Home Office; and Barbara Krauthamer, Dean of the Graduate Institute, Massachusetts University.

To find out more about this student-organised virtual event, visit the Political Awareness Week website or view the post-event magazine.

Image copyright: UK Parliament / Jessica Taylor.

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