Dates for trips

The school operates a broad range of trips, from hill walking days in Shropshire to expeditions abroad. Our trips programme is suspended at present but we look forward to planning more exciting excursions in the 2020-21 academic year.

Below you can view the list of trips run in the 2018-19 academic year. Much of the time we operate similar trips each year and so this will give you a flavour of the types of trips that we run throughout the year.

Date   Destination Years  Cost  Staff
09-Sep GCSE Art: Wolverhampton Art Gallery Fourths, Divs and Sixths 20 BMS
14-Sep Sixths Geography Field Trip: Lyme Regis Sixths 27 JPS
14-16 Sep MUN Cambridge Upper School 303.5 PWG
17-Sep London: Shell C and F Shells 30 PKH
21-Sep Bosworth: Rem D, F and M Rems 22.5 PWG
21-22 Sep Navy Expedition: Aztec watersports Fourths and above   BL
20-22 Sep Army Expedition Army    
20-22 Sep RAF Expedition RAF    
21-22 Sep Leadership Divs 88 LMR
21-23 Sep Caving, Yorkshire Rems and UMs 140 CDB
24-Sep London: Shell A and G Shells 30 PKH
28-Sep Bosworth: Rem R, S and T Rems 22.5 PWG
29-Sep Aztec Water Park, Upton Warren Senior rugby 10 GPB
30-Sep Cycling, Shustoke Shells and Rems Free CDB
01-Oct London: Shell H Shells 30 PKH
02-Oct Shakespeare Schools Festival, Midlands Art Centre Fourths Free CLG
16-Oct Norway: Outdoor activities and cultural education Rems to Divs 1150 JPS
19-Oct Geography Field Trip: Carding Mill Valley UMs 20 JPS
20-Oct Cycling, Shustoke Shells and Rems Free CDB
21-Oct Cycle ride, Staffordshire Fifths and above Free KDP
21-Oct Hill walk Shells 15 CDB
5-Nov Shakespeare Schools Festival, Midlands Art Centre Fourths Free KCL
10-Nov MUN Conference Malvern Upper School   PRO
11-Nov Cycling, Wombourne Shells and Rems Free CDB
13-Nov Physics in action lectures Divs 25 RJF
16-Nov Photography: Custard Factory Fourths and Fifths Free CSA
17-Nov Kayaking, River Wye Fourths and Divs   CS
18-Nov Hill walk, Stiperstones      
18-Nov RAF Royal Squadron Trophy   Free JB
22-Nov MACE Debating at KE Five Ways Upper School Free SLS
23-Nov Photography: Botanical Gardens Upper School Free CSA
24-25 Nov HMS Charger, Liverpool: sea training days Navy Fourths and Divs inc. in CCF subs DHR
30-Nov Geography: Birmingham City Centre Fourths    
18-Dec RSC Statford theatre visit Shells 25 GJB


07-08 Jan Damage Control Unit: HMS Excellent Navy Fourths and Divs inc. in CCF subs DHR
19-Jan Chemistry competition, Birmingham University Middle School Free CSA
25-27 Jan Hill walking: Ilam Hall, Derbyshire Shells and Rems 140 CDB
27-Jan Staffordshire cycle ride Upper School Free KDP
11-15 Feb Creative Writing Workshop, Ty Newydd Shells, Rems and UMs 700 GJB
13-Feb Maths quiz, Birmingham University Fourths Free RAS
16-22 Feb Lapland Shells, Rems and UMs 1550 CDB
16-24 Feb Ski Canada Rems and above 1900 IJC
27-Feb British Museum: Roman and Greek galleries UMs and above 20 EJW
02-Mar Static line parachute jump CCF 150 CAPJ
03-Mar Static line parachute jump CCF inc. with above CAPJ
08-09 Mar Morgan Cars and Centre for Alternative Technology Divs 60 PAB
22-Mar Leadership: team building day, Aztec Warren Outdoor Centre  Fifths 40 LMR
22-24 Mar Caving Shells 140 CDB
30-Mar Gold D of E Training: Long Mynd Divs   CS
30 Mar-1 Apr Hockey Festival: Gresham’s School Shells and Rems 110 ADL
15-18 Apr Gold D of E Practice Expedition Divs   CS
17-21 Jun Shell form camps Shells 150 CDB
19-23 Jun German Exchange: Hamburg Fourths and Sixths 450 AXH
23-25 Jun Team Building: St. David’s Navy Free DHR
03-15 July Cricket Tour: Barbados and St Lucia Fifths and above 2850 LMR
07-25 Jul LEJOG Cycle Tour Fifths and above 1750 KDP
12-19 Jul Caving: Vercors, France Rems and above 1250 CDB
28 Jul-6 Aug Danube Cycle Tour All 1100 CDB
18-23 Aug CERN, Geneva Divs 850 RJF

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