Dates for trips

Below you can view details of the trips planned for this academic year. Much of the time we operate similar trips each year, but check back in a month or two to see what has been added as there are quite a few more trips in the pipeline.

Trips planned for the 2018-19 academic year:

Date   Destination Years  Cost  Staff
09-Sep GCSE Art: Wolverhampton Art Gallery Fourths, Divs and Sixths 20 BMS
14-Sep Sixths Geography Field Trip: Lyme Regis Sixths 27 JPS
14-16 Sep MUN Cambridge Upper School 303.5 PWG
17-Sep London: Shell C and F Shells 30 PKH
21-Sep Bosworth: Rem D, F and M Rems 22.5 PWG
21-22 Sep Navy Expedition: Aztec watersports Fourths and above BL
20-22 Sep Army Expedition Army
20-22 Sep RAF Expedition RAF
21-22 Sep Leadership Divs 88 LMR
21-23 Sep Caving, Yorkshire Rems and UMs 140 CDB
24-Sep London: Shell A and G Shells 30 PKH
28-Sep Bosworth: Rem R, S and T Rems 22.5 PWG
29-Sep Aztec Water Park, Upton Warren Senior rugby 10 GPB
30-Sep Cycling, Shustoke Shells and Rems Free CDB
01-Oct London: Shell H Shells 30 PKH
02-Oct Shakespeare Schools Festival, Midlands Art Centre Fourths Free CLG
16-Oct Norway: Outdoor activities and cultural education Rems to Divs 1150 JPS
19-Oct Geography Field Trip: Carding Mill Valley UMs 20 JPS
20-Oct Cycling, Shustoke Shells and Rems Free CDB
21-Oct Cycle ride, Staffordshire Fifths and above Free KDP
21-Oct Hill walk Shells 15 CDB
10-Nov MUN Conference Malvern Upper School PRO
11-Nov Cycling, Wombourne Shells and Rems Free CDB
13-Nov Physics in action lectures Divs 25 RJF
17-Nov Kayaking, River Wye Fourths and Divs CS
24-25 Nov HMS Charger, Liverpool: sea training days Navy Fourths and Divs inc. in CCF subs DHR
18-Dec RSC Statford theatre visit Shells 25 GJB


07-08 Jan Damage Control Unit: HMS Excellent Navy Fourths and Divs inc. in CCF subs DHR
11-15 Feb Creative Writing Workshop, Ty Newydd Shells, Rems and UMs 700 GJB
16-22 Feb Lapland Shells, Rems and UMs 1550 CDB
16-24 Feb Ski Canada Rems and above 1900 IJC
08-09 Mar Morgan Cars and Centre for Alternative Technology Divs 60 PAB
30-Mar Gold D of E Training: Long Mynd Divs CS
15-18 Apr Gold D of E Practice Expedition Divs CS
19-23 Jun German Exchange: Hamburg Fourths and Sixths 450 AXH
23-25 Jun Team Building: St. David’s Navy Free DHR
12-Jul Cricket Tour: South Africa Fifths and above 2750 LMR
12-19 Jul Caving: Vercors, France Rems and above 1250 CDB
07-25 Jul LEJOG Cycle Tour Fifths and above 1750 KDP
24-28 Oct Norway: Outdoor activities and cultural education Rems to Divs 1150 JPS


October China All 1500 DMW/DJA

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