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King Edward’s School hosts the HMC Divisional meeting

a picture of the HMC divisional meeting group

On Thursday 11 March, we had the pleasure of hosting the HMC Divisional Committee Meeting at the Ruddock Performing Arts Centre.

Following the meeting, Dr Simon Hyde, the General Secretary at HMC enjoyed a tour of our school. Dr Hyde embraced the opportunity to speak with Jay, James and Imran, three pupils conducting the tour.

Founded in 1869 as the worlds first Heads’ association, the HMC is an association of Headteachers from some of the world’s best schools with a membership of 300 Heads in the UK and Ireland, and a further sixty international members.

The association aims to facilitate the growth and development of its members and their schools while promoting and fostering innovation in education.

Dr Katy Ricks, Chief Master, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Dr Simon Hyde, General Secretary of HMC with the membership committee to school today. A great chance to present the Foundation’s mission in Birmingham, and to make some new connections across independent and maintained sectors.” 

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