The School’s Dining Hall provides a main meal for boys during two sittings: at morning break and lunchtime. Our three-weekly menu selection has been reviewed by our current boys and includes something for everyone.

Your son will be issued with a photocard with a barcode that will entitle him to one visit to the Dining Hall per day, either at morning break or lunch. A fixed termly charge is made at the rate of £4.25 per school day. There is no reduction in the termly charge for fewer than five consecutive absences. Boys may choose to opt out of this system, but no food is available to purchase with cash in the Dining Hall during break or lunchtime.

For lunch, boys can choose from a selection of hot main courses with fresh vegetables and a salad bar, together with either soup or a dessert, plus fruit, a bread roll and a cup of squash. Every day there is a hot sweet with custard, and for those who prefer something lighter there are yoghurts, homemade cake, mousse or jelly. There are also sandwiches to take away and one-stop specials for hungry boys needing a fast pit stop.

It is compulsory for all boys in Year 7 to take lunch in the Dining Hall. From Year 8 onwards, boys can opt in or out of lunches on a termly basis. 

The Dining Hall also provides a breakfast menu and boys can purchase cereal, toast, fruit or a full cooked breakfast for cash before school from 8.00am.

Sixth Formers are catered for in the Upper School Common Room where drinks and hot snacks can be purchased for cash and they can also leave the School site to purchase food at lunchtime, if they wish to. Sixth Formers can also opt in to the Dining Hall food provision.

We can and do cater for many different dietary requirements as well as providing halal and vegetarian meals, which are well sign posted to boys.

If you have any questions about the food provision, please do not hesitate to contact:

Mrs J Butterworth
Bursar – Operations

Download the breakfast menu
Download the autumn term 2023 menu 

  • Frequently asked questions

    What if my son forgets his card?
    If your son forgets his card, he should visit Reception, where he will be issued with a temporary card for one day only.

    What if my son loses his card?
    If the card is lost, your son must report this to the porters in the Porters’ Lodge between 8.20am and 8.45am. A new card will be ordered for him, which he will be able to collect from Reception on the following day. If your son needs a second replacement card, he will be charged £3, which will be added to your School Gateway account. Please bear in mind that it is important for your son to take care of his card once he has been issued with it.

    Can my son bring a packed lunch?
    It is compulsory for all boys to take lunch in the Dining Hall in the first year at King Edward’s School. From the second year onwards the boys are able to opt in or out of having school lunches on a termly basis. At the end of each term you will receive an email asking you to confirm your son’s preference for the next term. It is not possible to change preference part way through a term.

    How do I pay for school meals?
    In the first year, the charges for meals are added to your fees bill as all the boys must have school lunches. From the second year onwards, the charges are added to your School Gateway Account. This is an online account that you can access to pay for trips and supplementary charges using a credit or debit card.

    What if we had opted out and my son forgot his packed lunch?
    In exceptional circumstances, we would be able to provide your son with lunch in the Dining Hall for which you would be billed at a later date.

    What will happen when my son is in his GCSE year and he is on study leave?
    The charge for the summer term will be reduced to cover only the weeks when your son is regularly in school having lessons. After this point, he should bring a packed lunch or buy dinner tickets at the Tuck Shop.

    What if my son is unwell and there are days when he is absent from school?
    Your son would need to be absent for at least five continuous days before we would consider refunding your money. A request for a refund would need to be made in writing.

    What if my son is very busy and does not have time to queue?
    Your son can either use the ‘grab and go’ option at lunchtime to pick up a take away packed lunch to eat at his convenience, or more likely, he can eat at morning break at 11.10am.

    What if my son is on a school trip?
    You will be informed in the trip letter whether your son needs to bring a packed lunch from home or if the Dining Hall will provide a packed lunch. Where no packed lunch is provided, your termly fee will be adjusted accordingly.

    Is halal produce offered?
    The dining hall provides halal and non-halal meats on separate counters that are clearly signposted.

    Are there vegetarian options?
    There is a vegetarian main course option every day as well as vegetarian fillings in sandwiches, vegetarian sauces for baked potatoes and pasta and a vegetarian pizza slice at break.

    Why aren’t you using a cashless card system instead?
    A cashless system removes the issue of boys carrying cash, but does not address the issue of speed of service, as Dining Hall staff still have to ring up the cost of items chosen and take payment, albeit from a different source. A single price/single visit system means that the tills disappear, the queues move swiftly and the pupils are choosing food based on what they want to eat rather than what is the cheapest.

    My son is on an Assisted Place. Is he eligible for free school meals?
    In Year 7, school lunches are compulsory. If your son is on an Assisted Place of greater than 90% of the value of the fees, he will receive school lunches free of charge. From Year 8 onwards, you will have to pay for your son’s meals unless you fulfil the Government criteria for receiving free school meals.

    What should I do if my son is eligible for free meals?
    Boys are only eligible for free meals if their parents/guardians are in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance or Income Support. If this is the case, they should opt into the scheme and then provide the appropriate documentation to Mrs Rogers at the Foundation Office. Once this is done, your son will not be charged.

    Is there a tuck shop at KES?
    There is a tuck shop in one corner of the Dining Hall at break and lunchtime, which sells confectionary, drinks, chocolate, fruit and a range of healthy snacks. The Tuck Shop food is not designed to replace a school meal or a packed lunch.

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