Daily timetable

Lessons are usually 40 minutes in length. Generally, art, design & technology and the sciences are taught in double lessons to allow for the practical work involved. Lunchtime on Thursday is lengthened to allow additional time for music rehearsals and sports practices, although practices and rehearsals do also take place at many other times during the week. Normal timetable is suspended each Friday afternoon, when a diverse range of activities take place.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday Friday
Registration 8.45am 8.45am 8.45am
Form period / assembly / House meeting 8.50am N/A 8.50am
Period 1 9.10am 8.50am 9.10am
Period 2 9.50am 9.30am 9.50am
Period 3 10.30am 10.10am 10.30am
Break 11.10am 10.50am 11.10am
Period 4 11.40am 11.20am 11.40am
Period 5 12.15pm 11.55am 12.15pm
Lunch 12.55pm 12.35pm 12.55pm
Registration 1.55pm 1.55pm 1.55pm
Period 6 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm
Period 7 2.40pm 2.40pm 2.40pm
Period 8
3.20pm 3.20pm N/A
End 4.00pm 4.00pm 3.20pm

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