Sports-related concussion protocol

This protocol is designed to address concerns about the cumulative effect of successive concussions during a season.

On the field

Coaches will carry laminated copies of the Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool.
If a player is suspected to have a concussion, they will be removed from the field of play.
• If a ‘red flag’ is present according to the Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool, an ambulance will be called.
• If no ‘red flag’ is present, the player will be supervised, parents summoned and given a sheet explaining this protocol and a strong recommendation that the player be taken to see a doctor, normally at an accident and emergency department. Parents who are themselves doctors should of course not act as a doctor for their own child in this situation.

Injury suspected •          On-pitch assessment using Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool
Pupil removed from play •          Red flag symptoms: ambulance
•          No red flag: parents contacted, hospital visit advised
Complete rest 48 hours •          Pupil must remain at home for 48 hours: no sport, no homework
No sport for two weeks •          This includes no sport outside of KES: a two week rest from all sport is needed. •          Non-physical school trips eg museums, theatre are allowed but physical trips such as hiking, cycling and caving are not allowed.
10-14 days after injury •          Consultation with school doctor
•          Graduated return to training (non-contact)
18-20 days after injury •          Consultation with school doctor
•          Full contact training recommences
22-23 days after injury •          Consultation with school doctor
•          Return to fixtures


When a player has been removed from play due to a suspected concussion, the first aider (Mon-Fri) or coach (weekends and out-of-hours) will complete the school’s accident report form, which can be done online.

Following a suspected concussion, pupils will have a compulsory 14-day break from all sport. Consultations with the school doctor, Dr Mike Forrest, will follow, approx. 10-14 days and 18-20 days following injury – at these stages the doctor will decide whether the player is fit to return to non-contact sport, and later to contact training. A final consultation at 22-23 days following injury will decide if the player is fit to return to full contact fixtures. This last consultation could feasibly be over the phone if the pupil has had no adverse reaction to contact training.

If parents have chosen NOT to take their son to the doctor on the day of the injury, the school will still implement a 14 day break from sport, and 23-day break from contact fixtures.

Head injury reported later or at a non KES activity

It may be that a pupil has not been removed from play, but develops symptoms later. Alternatively, a pupil could sustain a concussion at a non-school activity. Parents will then need to take their child to see a doctor, and must then contact the school with written confirmation from the doctor stating the diagnosis. If a concussion is diagnosed, the school’s concussion protocol will commence.

Click here to download the information sheet sent to parents if their child suffers a concussion.

Click here to see the Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool

To report suspected concussion, click here.

For all other (non-concussion) accident reports, click here.

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