Dates for trips

Below you can view details of the trips planned for this academic year. Much of the time we operate similar trips each year, but check back in a month or two to see what has been added as there are quite a few more trips in the pipeline.

Please note that the list of trips may change and the cost of a trip is not fixed until the letter is sent out about it. It is possible that a few trips will be added to, or removed from, the list but we hope that this list will help parents in making decisions about trips in which they would like their sons to take part.

Trips planned for the 2017-18 academic year

Date   Destination Years  Cost  Staff
05-Sep RAF Flying RAF JB
08-Sep Stratford: Julius Caesar Divs & Sixths 26 JB
09-Sep Climbing Derbyshire All 30 RAS
11-Sep Climbing Birmingham University All 10 RAS
15-Sep 6ths Geography Field Trip, Lyme Regis Sixths 20 JPS
15-17 Sep MUN Cambridge Upper School 303.5 PWG
17-Sep Climbing day Peak District Any 30 RAS
 21-23 Sep Navy Expedition, Plas Menai Navy DHR
 21-23 Sep Army Expedition Navy CS
22-Sep Bosworth Battlefield: Rem C,D,F Rems 19 PWG
22-23 Sep Leadership Divs 88 LMR
22-24 Sep Caving All 140 CDB
25-Sep London Tour: Shell A,C Shells 30 PKH
29-Sep Geography: Carding Mill Valley UM A,P,W 19 JPS
01-Oct Art: Ashmolean Musuem Oxford 4ths, Divs, 6ths 15 BMS
01-Oct Cycling Shustoke Lower school Free CDB
02-Oct London Tour: Shell F,J Shells 30 PKH
04-Oct Bosworth Battlefield: Rem S,T Rems 19 PWG
09-Oct London: Shell M,P Shells 30 PKH
11-Oct MAC: Shakespeare Schools Festival 4ths & 6ths Free CLG
13-Oct Geography: Carding Mill Valley UM B,K 19 JPS
14-Oct Mountain biking, Cannock Chase Rems & UMs 45 RAS
19-Oct Student council conference: KES Aston Middle & upper school Free RDH
05-Nov Manchester Art Gallery Upper School 15 BMS
05-Nov Hill walking Church Stretton Shells & Rems 15 CDB
10-Nov Architectural photography: Birmingham City Centre Fri pm group Free CSA
11-Nov Mountain biking, Cannock Chase Lower school 45 RAS
12-Nov Remembrance ceremony Moseley Upper School Free DHR
16-Nov Economics conference, Solihull Sixths Free CRT
18-Nov MUN Malvern Upper School 35 PRO
19-Nov Hill walk Stiperstones Lower school 15 CDB
20-Nov MAC – Julius Caesar Fourths & above Free CLG
26-Nov Cycling Shropshire Upper School Free KDP
01-Dec iGCSE Geography Coursework: Birmingham 4ths 8 JPS
02-Dec Battlefield & museum: East Stoke & Newark Living History 10 PAD
08-Dec RAF Flying RAF JB
09-Dec Wildlife: Slimbridge KES Wildlife JP
14-Dec Swing Band Tour Swing Band Free Emma Bunting
15-Dec RAF Flying RAF JB

2018 trips

8-9 Jan Navy Damage Control Navy DHR
20-Jan Chemistry at Birmingham University Middle School Free CSA
20-Jan ESU Public speaking competition Solihull Middle School Free FMA
22-Jan Poetry Live Fourths MRA
23-Jan Maths Fest, Birmingham Divs 25 BL
Feb Ty Newydd Creative Writing Workshop Shells, Rems, UMs 700 GJB
17-24 Feb Ski trip to Italy Shells-Divs 1400 IJC
2-4 Mar Cleobury Mortimer: Music residential UM and older 130 MDL
24-26 Mar Hockey festival, Greshams School Rems 100 ADL
25 Mar – 1 Apr Bordeaux: language visit Divs 700 PJE
Easter 2018 UAE – junior cricket tour UMs / 4ths 1700 LMR
26-30 May East coast USA or Moscow-St Petersburg All 1680 DMW
October half term Berlin Divs 600 EJM
9-11 Mar Morgan Cars & Ironbridge: DT Divs 150 PAB
13-21 Jul Ardèche canoeing and multi-activity Shells £950 CDB
28 Jul – 6 Aug Pied Piper Cycle Tour, Germany Shells, Removes, UMs, Fourths, Fifths 1060 CDB
21-24 Aug Edinburgh Festival Divs/Sixths 400 MJB
August Vercors caving All 1350 CDB


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