Dates for trips

The school operates a broad range of trips, from hill walking days in Shropshire to expeditions abroad. Our provisional trips programme for the 2023-23 academic year is displayed below. More trips will be added as the year goes on.

Please note that the list of trips may change and the cost of a trip is not fixed until the letter is sent out about it. It is possible that a few trips will be added to, or removed from, the list but we hope that this list will help parents in making decisions about trips in which they would like their sons to take part.

Trips planned for 2023-24 academic year

Date  Purpose / Destination Years  Cost  Staff
1-Oct Cycling – Wombourne Shells Free CDB
2-Oct London day trip Shells £46.00 PKH
9-Oct London day trip Shells £46.00 PKH
13-Oct Castleton – Multi-activity  Shells £22.00 CDB
15-Oct The Long Mynd – Hillwalking Fourths, Fifths £20.00 IJC 
19-Oct  Camp Hill School – Conference Fourths, Divs £10.00 AP 
26-Oct North Wales – Multi-activity  UMs  £235.00 CDB
30-Oct Norway – Geography tour  Rems, UMs, Fourths, Fifths, Divs  £1000 JPS 
2-Nov Yorkshire – Caving Rems  £235 CDB 
19-Nov Shropshire – Hillwalking  Shells £20 CDB
19-Nov Cannock Chase – Mountain biking Fourths, Fifths £75 IJC 
3-Dec Moseley – Indoor rock climbing Fourths, Fifths £15 IJC
8-Dec Birmingham Rep Theatre Shells £25 MJB
15-Dec North Wales – Multi-activity Rems £240 CDB
12-Jan Yorkshire – Caving UMs £240 CDB
10-Feb Finland – Lapland  Rems, UMs, Fourths £1650 CDB
19-Feb Wales – Literacy Enrichment Shells, Rems, UMs £450 JWB
23-Feb Pioneer Centre, Cleobury Mortimer  Rems, UMs, Fourths, Fifths, Divs, Sixths TBC MDL
14-Mar Leicester, Curve Theatre – GCSE theatre trip Fourths, Fifths  £30 (TBC)  GMM
14-Mar Preston – Cadet Adventurous Training  Fourths, Fifths, Divs, Sixths –  JB 
15-Mar  Hadrian’s Wall  UMs, Fourths £250  DAJ
23-Mar West Indies – Cricket tour  Divs £3250 LMR
23-Mar Canada – Skiing  Rems, UMs, Fourths, Fifths, Divs  £2000 IJC 
7-Apr Hamburg – German Language Exchange  Fourths £485 DNC
9-Apr Barnt Green – Cycling UMs, Fourths  Free CDB
14-Apr Barnt Green – Cycling  Shells, Rems  Free CDB
8-May Devon – Biology Field Course  Divs £250 HAF
20-May Lake District – Rems Week Rems £415 CDB
27-May  Peak District – Climbing and Abseiling  Shells £245 CDB
10-Jun Beaudesert – Shells Camp Shells £220 CDB
4-Jul Rhineland – German Exchange  UMs £795 DNC
5-Jul Yorkshire – Caving and Walking  Shells £240 CDB
6-Jul Gozo – Scuba Diving  Divs, Sixths £1650ish  DHR 
18-Jul Denmark and Germany – Cycling Shells, Rems, UMs, Fourths, Fifths, Divs, Sixths £1550 CDB
2-Aug France – Mult-activity UMs £1550 CDB


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