Dates for trips

The school operates a broad range of trips, from hill walking days in Shropshire to expeditions abroad. Our trips programme is suspended at present but we look forward to planning more exciting excursions in the 2020-21 academic year.

Below is the list of planned trips for the 2019-20 academic year. Please note that the list of trips may change and the cost of a trip is not fixed until the letter is sent out about it. It is possible that a few trips will be added to, or removed from, the list but we hope that this list will help parents in making decisions about trips in which they would like their sons to take part.

Trips planned for the 2019-20 academic year

Date   Destination Years  Cost  Staff
6-7 Sep KES Wildlife: Bustards Lower School   JP
13-Sep Sixths Geography Field Trip: Birmingham Sixths Free JPS
13-Sep CCF Sailing, Rockley watersports Fourths and above inc. with CCF subs DHR
16-17 Sep Navy Damage Control: Portsmouth Upper School inc. in subs  DHR
20-22 Sep Caving, Yorkshire Rems 140 CDB
20-21 Sep Army Camp: Swynnerton Army inc. in CCF subs CS
20-21 Sep Navy expedition: Watersports Fourths and above inc. in subs DHR
21-22 Sep Leadership weekend Divs 85 LMR
23-Sep London: Shell C and G Shells 33 PKH
27-Sep Navy Sailing Rockley watersports Fourths and above inc. in subs DHR
27-Sep Bosworth: Rem D, F and N Rems 20 PWG
29-Sep GCSE Art: Birmingham Art Gallery Fourths Free BMS
30-Sep London: Shell F and H Shells 33 PKH
4-Oct CCF Sailing Rockley watersports Fourths and above inc. in CCF subs DHR
4-Oct Bosworth: Rem S and T Rems 20 PWG
6-Oct Cycling, Shustoke Shells Free CDB
7-Oct London: Shell A Shells 33 PKH
11-Oct Carding Mill Valley: Upper Middles B, K and R Upper Middles 16 JPS
13-Oct Cycling, Wombourne Shells Free  CBD
18-Oct Carding Mill Valley: Upper Middles T, Z and Z Upper Middles 16 JPS
18-Oct CCF Sailing Rockley watersports Fourths and above inc. in CCF subs DHR
18-20 Oct Walking, canoeing and rock climbing Fourths 160 IJC
20-Oct Tate Britain: GCSE Art Fifths 15 BMS
20-Oct Hill walk: Church Stretton Shells 20 CDB
22-Oct Jaguar Land Rover Divs Free GJW
23-29 Oct Cyprus: Water Polo Middle School 800 RVT
24-28 Oct Norway: Outdoor activities and cultural education Rems to Divs 1150 JPS
4-5 Nov Navy Portsmouth Middle School   DHR
8-Nov Expeditions club: Malvern Hills Fifths Free GPB
8-Nov London: MIT Better World Middle School 30 RI
15-Nov Helping with homeless feed All 5 MSN
17-Nov Hill walk: Stiperstones Shells 20 CDB
20-Nov MACE debating, Joseph Chamberlain College Fifths Free KCL
20-Nov Physics masterclass, Birmingham University  Fourths Free RJF
21-Nov Ancient Worlds, Warwick University  Upper Middles Free HAF
23-Nov Chemistry competition, Birmingham University Middle School Free CSA
23-Nov MUN Conference: London Upper School 20 PWG
27-Nov Physics in Action lectures, Warwick University Divs 30 RJF
3-Dec Mathematics enrichment Divs 27 TB
15-Dec Wildlife: Slimbridge Lower School 40 JP
20-Jan Birmingham University: Chemistry Competition Fourths Free  CSA
21-Jan Birmingham University: Big Quiz UM Free MXS
31 Jan to 2 Feb Hill walking, Lake District Shells 140 CDB
2-Feb Winter Wildlife of the Midlands All   JP
3 Feb to 3 Mar Australia: Cricket Exchange  Fourths   LMR
9-Feb Tate Britain: GCSE Art prep Fifths Free BMS
10-14 Feb Writing retreat Shells and Rems 560 JWB
11-Feb British Museum: Troy Exhibition Fourths and Fifths 20 EJW
13-20 Feb German Exchange: Hamburg Fourths 450 AXH
15-22 Feb Skiing: Austria Rems and above 1450 IJC
15-21 Feb Lapland Shells to UMs 1500 CDB
28 Feb to 1 Mar Shells Caving 1 Shells 140 CDB
5-Mar Theatre trip: A Monster Calls Lower School 22 GJB
11-14 Mar Geography field trip: North Yorkshire Divs 340 CDB
13-15 Mar Caving Rems and UMs 145 CDB
15-Mar Manchester Art Gallery: GCSE Art prep Fourths and Divs 15 BMS
20-Mar Homeless feed: Birmingham All 5 MSN
20-22 Mar Shells Caving 2 Shells 140 CDB
22-Mar Winter Wildlife of the Midlands 2 All   JP
28-30 Mar U13 Hockey Festival: Greshams School Shells and Rems 120 ADL
28 Mar to 4 Apr Nice: Language immersion Divs 850 PJE
29 Mar to 5 Apr Salamanca Spain: Language immersion Divs 650 OJZ
18-Apr Independent cyclists training day UMs Free CDB
24-Apr Homeless feed: Birmingham All 5 MSN
26-Apr Cycling Shells and Rems Free CDB
Easter Dubai: Junior Cricket UMs and Fourths 1800 LMR
15-May Homeless feed: Birmingham All 5 MSN
5-8 Jun Biology Field Course: Slapton Sands Divs 215 DMW
8-12 Jun Shell form camps Shells 155 CDB
18-Jun Astronomy workshop: Greenwich Observatory Shells, Rems and Divs 25 TSM
26-Jun Homeless feed: Birmingham All 5 MSN
4-17 Jul Cricket Tour: Barbados and St Lucia Upper School 2850 LMR
10-18 Jul Ardèche: canoeing, ropes course, Roman sites Rems 990 CDB
16-22 Jul Gozo: diving Fourths and above 1000 DHR
29 Jul – 7 Aug Cycle Tour, Copenhagen to Berlin All 1475 CDB
11-14 Aug Edinburgh Fringe Festival Fifths and above 500 MJB
16-21 Aug CERN Divs 850 RJF

Trips planned for 2020-21 academic year

25-26 Sep 2020 Leadership: Trewern Adventure Centre Divs 75 LMR
October 2020 China All 1500 DMW/DJA
February 2021 Morocco All 900 DMW
February 2021 Lapland Lower School 1500 CDB
2-10 Jul 2021 Ardèche Shells and Rems 1050 CDB
23 Jul – 1 Aug 2021 Bavaria Cycle Tour (date TBA) All 1325 CDB
13-21 Aug 2021 Vercors Caving: France UMs and above  1350 CDB


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