Terms and conditions for school trips

List of available trips
In total we operate about 130 trips per year, ranging from theatre visits to jungle expeditions. Most trips are available only to one or two year groups. We maintain a list of planned trips at: kes.org.uk/tripdates. At the start of the year this is a short list but it grows substantially during the year. For boys joining the Shells (year 7), an e-mail is sent to parents early in the autumn term describing the trips available for their son’s year group. Well over half our total number of trips are free or cost less than £100. About a dozen trips each year take place abroad and these are considerably more expensive. To help with your planning, we list the trips abroad on the website rather earlier than other trips.

Applying for a place
Information about trips is usually sent to parents by e-mail. To apply for a trip you will normally log in at: www.schoolgateway.com where you will pay and give permission for the trip. In the unlikely event that payment cannot be made on the website we can provide details for sending a bank transfer. We are unable to accept cash or cheques for trips.

Please note that sending payment is not a guarantee of a place. Some trips are oversubscribed and if we are unable to find a place for your son, we will of course refund your payment. Allocation of places depends on the nature of the trip. For many trips we operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so an early application always helps, but we also need to ensure that the party is appropriate to the visit – for example, on ski trips we need groups of an appropriate size with differing abilities.

For more costly trips we normally split the cost into a number of instalments to spread out the amount parents have to pay. Once you have paid the deposit and the trip leader has confirmed your son’s place, you are liable for the full cost of your son’s place on the trip (unless there is an amount which is not yet committed). 

We reserve the right to withdraw a child from a trip, when an instalment deadline has been missed. Refunds of amounts paid to date will depend on the place being filled by another child. Please contact the Finance Office if you are finding it difficult to meet payment deadlines, as they may be able to help.

Financial assistance
We are only able to offer assistance with compulsory school visits, namely Shell Form Camps, Removes’ Activities Week and some field study visits. Assistance is available for families with very low incomes – it is not available for all pupils on assisted places. If you wish to find out about this, please contact the finance office.

Cancellation of a place
Should you need to cancel your son’s place on a school trip, please let us know as soon as possible. Where possible we will refund monies you have paid for a trip, particularly if we are able to find another child to take your son’s place, but please bear in mind that this is not always possible. If we cannot fill the place you will be liable for the costs of the trip already committed to by the School.

If the cancellation is due to illness or injury, you may be able to claim back the money you have paid for the trip through our travel insurance. Please refer to our travel insurance policy at kes.org.uk/insurance. There is an excess of £100. More information as at the end of this page in the coronavirus section.

For our trips abroad which involve greater expense, we will formally offer your son a place, and will list the names of other boys taking part. Provided that you notify us that your son does not wish to take part within two weeks of receiving our offer of a place on a trip abroad, we will refund your deposit in full (unless the letter about the trip gives a different deadline). Thereafter, refunds will depend on the circumstances listed above.

Change of plans
Occasionally we will have to change plans in response to events at the time: perhaps the weather, or possibly due to a travel advisory note from the Foreign Office reflecting a situation abroad. In this event we will make any amendments to the itinerary we consider necessary for the safety of pupils and staff.

Very occasionally we may have to curtail or cancel a trip, for example due to extreme weather making travel impossible. Our travel insurance covers cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control, so if for example the Foreign Office advise against travel to our chosen destination, we’d be able to claim the full cost of the trip to refund to parents.

Refunds can only be made if a trip is cancelled before starting. If we have to change plans once a trip has commenced, our insurance would cover the cost of the changes but not any refund to parents.

Risk management
As you would expect, the school conducts a detailed risk assessment for the whole of the outdoor activities programme. Adventurous activities are always led by staff or instructors holding an appropriate National Governing Body qualification.

As pupils gain more experience, and as they get older, they are expected to behave more responsibly. They may be included in taking a role in planning part of a visit, and for all pupils having an awareness of safety. As part of this philosophy pupils may not necessarily be under the direct control of a teacher throughout a trip. Indeed as pupils get older there will be elements of a trip where they are under ‘remote supervision’ – in other words, travelling in a group of youngsters, in contact with staff but not directly accompanied.

A high standard of behaviour is expected of pupils on school visits. School rules and discipline continue to apply during school trips and in addition pupils must observe UK law and the law of the country they are visiting. If a pupil misbehaves very seriously, it may be necessary for the school to require the pupil to return home, with any additional transport costs being met by the parent.

UK Citizens will soon need a visa to enter to European Union, but as yet the visa scheme has not been launched and so a visa is not required. Children who are citizens of countries outside the UK/EU will usually need a visa to take part in a school trip to the EU.

Health and Parental Contact Information
We keep an electronic database (called SIMS) of all pupils, containing data relevant to their schooling, and including diet and health information, plus contact numbers for parents and carers. We write to parents annually with a print out of this information for you to check. Staff organising trips will use this information, so if any details change, it is important for you to let us know as soon as possible. An e-mail to office@kes.org.uk will usually do the trick.

Note: parents are particularly asked NOT to hand a piece of paper to a trip organiser with new contact numbers on the day of departure! Lists of contact numbers are prepared a couple of weeks in advance and distributed to all staff taking part, and to the school’s senior management team. A piece of paper handed in on the day of departure will not appear on these lists.

Diets and Allergies
To operate trips we need to know your contact details and your son’s medical and dietary requirements together with any special needs he may have. Rather than asking you to complete these again for every trip, we ask you to provide that information when your son joins the school. If any of that information changes it is important that you tell us, usually by e-mailing office@kes.org.uk. You are also provided with a print-out of that information annually to check.

Parents whose sons have a life-threatening allergy are also strongly recommended to make personal contact with the trip leader, in the weeks leading up to a trip, to confirm arrangements.

Consent forms

  • For local trips as part of the Friday Afternoons Programme, and for sports fixtures (other than those with an overnight stay), your consent is provided on a single form when your son joins the school.
  • For all other UK-based trips, electronic confirmation or a reply slip are sufficient to give permission for your son to take part.
  • For trips abroad we use a fuller consent form.


  • Pupils must not travel if they are ill. If pupils become ill whilst on a trip, parents will need to collect them. We cannot transport children back to school if they have a positive test for covid.
  • Measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus will be included in our risk assessments for all trips. Most trips are outdoors which reduces risk. Measures would likely include use of hand sanitiser and wearing a mask when in busy places with people not from the trip. Pupils and staff attending residential trips are strongly encouraged to take a covid test in the 48 hours prior to the trip, and to report the result via the school reporting page.
  • All our trips in the UK and abroad are covered by travel insurance including limited cover for lost possessions. Cancellation due to illness or injury before the trip, including a positive covid test within 14 days of the trip is covered, subject to an excess of £100. Treatment when abroad is covered, as is the cost of a parent travelling out to be with their child (up to 21 days). There is a limit of £10,000 for cancellation claims (for any reason) for any one trip, shared between all participants, and £25,000 per trip for all covid risks including treatment abroad.
  • HOWEVER, there is no cover for government restrictions / borders closing / lockdowns. For trips abroad we will ask agents to provide postponement terms, and parents will be informed of these before deciding to commit to the trip.

If you have any queries, concerns or suggestions about trips, please contact the Safety Co-ordinator, Mr Boardman at cb@kes.org.uk.

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