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Sustainability success

Advait Kuravi reflects on the progress that has been made by Sustainability Society and outlines what we can expect from next week’s Sustainability Week. Find out more.


Our vision

Author: Nikash Chekuri

Nikash Chekuri defines Sustainability Society’s vision for the school community.


Dr Evans on ‘Blood Oil’

Author: Dr Evans

Deputy Head Academic, Dr Evans, writes about how a radical book and a Netflix series opened her eyes to living a more sustainable life.


Switch to sustainable!

Author: Saad Ashraf

Saad Ashraf writes about the importance of energy suppliers in reducing our carbon footprint.


Rethinking our daily practices

Author: Rajat Goyal

Rajat Goyal urges us to make small sacrifices in order to reverse the damage done to the planet.


Why go vegan?

Author: Easwar Vivekanandan

Easwar Vivekanandan encourages people to rethink their eating habits.


Biologists get baking

Our Removes have been busy baking after learning about the use of microbes, fungi and yeasts in their biology lessons.


Travel sustainably

Author: Jay Patel

Jay Patel encourages us to rethink the way we travel.


Lockdown NHS fundraiser

Author: Aran Singh Bansal

Aran Bansal provides details of the latest lockdown fundraising challenge.


Reforestation resuscitates the planet

Author: Arvind Sangha

Arvind Sangha encourages us to plant trees to rectify the effects of deforestation.


Oxford Union ICYD success

Author: Rohan Galappathie

One of our Junior Debating teams has made it through to the Oxford Union ICYD National Finals.


CAS project: Music and mental health

Author: Sam Ecclestone-Brown and Junias Wong

Sixths students, Sam Ecclestone-Brown and Junias Wong, highlight the positive impact music has on mental health.


Our psychological immune system

Author: Farooq Abdullah and Anish Kalyana

Farooq Abdullah and Anish Kalyana talk about how our psychological systems affect our emotional wellbeing.

Find out about all of the CAS activities taking place in the Creativity, Action & Service During School Closure booklet.


Galette des Rois

Author: Mrs Orchard

Shells put their aprons on to make traditional Epiphany cakes – Galette des Rois. Bon appétit!


School Captain’s thought of the week

Author: Jimmy Yuan

Jimmy Yuan, School Captain, suggests ways to inject more energy into study life.

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