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Highlights from Political Awareness Week and future plans

This week has been Political Awareness Week at KES. Find out more about the different talks and activities that have taken place and what the team’s plans are for the future.


Organising Political Awareness Week

Author: Varun Mohan

Varun Mohan writes about how the team went about organising Political Awareness Week.


The importance of engaging in politics

Author: Advait Kuravi

Advait Kuravi details why it is important to engage in politics.


Interview with OE Paolo Odogwu

Author: CAPJ

On Thursday 11 February we were delighted to speak with Old Edwardian Paolo Odogwu about his rugby career and being part of the England Six Nations Squad.


Pilot programme: Peer Guidance

Author: FCL

Miss Lee introduces the Peer Guidance programme.


The PIPA Trial

We are collaborating with the University of Warwick’s research team on the PIPA Trial and are looking for volunteers to participate.


Chinese New Year in Clef Club

Author: Shizhe Liu

Shizhe Liu hosted a special Clef Club for Chinese New Year.


Health and wellbeing

Author: Hasnain Jafer

Hasnain Jafer writes about developing signature strengths.


Sustainability Society

Author: Ben Bown and Niklas van Mourik

Ben Bown and Niklas van Mourik outline the issues with fast fashion.


School Captain’s thought of the week

Author: Jimmy Yuan

Jimmy Yuan, School Captain, writes about the balance between individualism and collectivism.

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