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The Great KES Race Across Europe

Next week, we will be running a House competition in the form of a virtual Race Across Europe. Pupils from all year groups are invited to participate to determine which House can escape the farthest into Europe. Find out more about the competition and how to take part.


Junior Challenge team triumph in the Regional Final

Author: Aaryan Singh

Captain of the Junior Challenge team, Aaryan Singh, writes about the team’s match against Warwick School that led to KES being crowned Regional Champions.

A word from Vince House

Dr Ricks provides an introduction to KES Community Issue 7.

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The KES 2020 Sustainable Commute Challenge – Chapter 2

Author: JB

Mr Butler writes about how his choice of environmentally friendly methods of commuting were heavily influenced by his father.


Stop before you spray! 

Author: RI

Ms Irani explains why pest problems don’t necessarily require pesticides and suggests means of gardening in a more eco-friendly manner.


Plastic pollution

Author: Gokul Menon and Elijah Amiss

Gokul Menon and Elijah Amiss write about the global issue of plastic pollution and encourage pupils to create plastic sculptures for an awareness campaign.


Melon School

Author: Sarem Shabir SHG

Shell Sarem Shabir has really made the most of his CAS sessions, creating online lessons for students across the world who are finding their educational opportunities limited during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Workout of the week

Author: Euan Elliott

Euan Elliott highlights the benefits of the new series of PE lessons, which have been designed to enable everyone to participate in each session. 


Health and wellbeing

Author: GPB

Health and Wellbeing Society has created a host of initiatives to support pupils during lockdown, which will culminate in next week’s Wellbeing Week.


Societies in focus

Author: Easwar Vivekanandan, Aran Bansal and Joshua Bobin

This week we hear from Agora Society and Engineering Society. A full list of societies and how to join in can be found on Firefly.


Teachers talk lockdown

Author: Tom Roberts

In this issue, Tom Roberts interviews Dr Carta and Mr Wareing to see if they are finding ways to fulfil the CAS ideals during lockdown.


School Captain’s thought of the week

Author: Emil Ali

The School Captain, Emil Ali, writes about how creating the Leavers’ Yearbook has caused him to reminisce about his time at KES.


The view from the (Remote) Classroom

Author: GJW

Mr Watson writes about the joy of welcoming the first boys back to school.


Old Edwardian talks Covid-19 and PPE

Author: Yash Suribhatla

Yash Suribhatla interviews James Cleasby (OE) about the pandemic and helping make PPE.


Birdwatching Club

Author: Rohan Gibson

Roahn Gibson provides an update on Birdwatching Club.

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