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Wellbeing Week

The last full week of the academic year, 22 to 26 June, has been Wellbeing Week at King Edward’s. Nikash Chekuri and Advait Kuravi detail the main takeaway points from Wellbeing Week and urge us all to perserve with activities to improve our wellbeing. Find out more about Wellbeing Week.


A hunger for knowledge

Author: Joshua Bobin

Joshua Bobin writes about how learning improves mental health and wellbeing.

A word from Vince House

Dr Ricks provides an introduction to KES Community Issue 8.

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Author: Rohan Tandon

Rohan Tandon writes about the importance of mindfulness for mental wellbeing in today’s busy society.


Activity and exercise

Author: Joshua Bobin

Although lockdown has reduced opportunities for exercise, this should not stop us, writes Joshua Bobin.


Social contact is vital for wellbeing

Author: Advait Kuravi and Nikash Chekuri (video)

Advait Kuravi investigates the benefits of social interaction, supported by a short film by Nikash Chekuri.


The KES Pentathlon

Author: GDA

Mr Adams outlines what is involved in the KES Pentathlon, the final sporting event of this academic year.


Sustainable Wellbeing Commute Challenge

Author: JB

Mr Butler continues his quest to encourage staff and pupils to travel to school sustainably from September.


Remembering Srebrenica

Author: CAPJ

Mr Johnson writes about the school’s plans to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide.


A new way to shop!

Author: RI

Ms Irani encourages the school community to reduce plastic usage and provides some simple steps to help.


The face covering challenge

Author: Enoch Cheung

Enoch Cheung announces the winner and runner-up of the Covid Face Art Competition.


At the car wash!

Author: Advait Kuravi, Aran Bansal, Varun Mohan, George Berry and Sam Howells

A group of pupils have organised a sponsored car wash to raise funds for Oxfam.


The view from the (Remote) Classroom

Author: GJW

Mr Watson reflects on the past three months of lockdown.


Reading Week: Teachers’ Book Club

Author: Rory Swann

Mrs Ostrowicz, Mr Petrie and Mrs Gillow tell us a bit about a book they’ve enjoyed recently.


School Captain’s thought of the week

Author: Emil Ali

The School Captain, Emil Ali, reflects on his previous ‘thoughts of the week’.


Societies in focus

Author: Pratyush Ghosh and Shirom Aggarwal

This week we hear from Modern Languages Society and Economics and Business Society. A full list of societies and how to join in can be found on Firefly.


Teachers talk lockdown

Author: Tom Roberts

In this issue, Tom Roberts interviews Miss Jones and Mrs Zamaniego to see if they are finding ways to fulfil the CAS ideals during lockdown.


Birdwatching Club

Author: Rohan Gibson

Rohan Gibson provides an update on Birdwatching Club.

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