Pupil success in TeenVC Challenge

Congratulations to Divisions Economics student Shirom Aggarwal whose winning entry in a national venture capital competition has earned him an exciting work experience opportunity.

In the competition, Shirom had to assume the role of a venture capitalist and produce a detailed appraisal of a real world start-up. He chose the Canary Wharf-based financial services business Revolut for his analysis and undertook extensive research in order to evaluate its attractiveness for venture capital funding. Shirom‘s report was praised by the judges for its structure, depth and excellent competitor analysis.

Shirom’s prize is work experience with Augmentum, a company that specialises in funding the ‘fintech’ industry – those innovative new businesses changing the financial services sector in a range of ways from smart phone banking to cryptocurrencies. We are sure Shirom will find it a fascinating experience. 

Author: CRT