School life

There is an energy and excitement to life at King Edward’s. Our boys excel academically, but there is so much more to life here. This school is about activity and enjoyment, the celebration of variety and difference, and the sharing of life with others. We want our boys to love coming here and to go from here prepared for all that life has to offer.

King Edward’s is one of the most socially and ethnically diverse independent schools in the country. The support provided by our Assisted Places Scheme ensures we fulfil our central aim to provide education for able boys, regardless of the financial circumstances of their families. The boys who come here are individuals, diverse in their backgrounds and interests, but unified by their desire to learn.

Our rich and diverse community is driven by optimism, courage and trust, and we get to know each of our pupils to create the best environment for our boys to develop the qualities they need to succeed. The strong system of pastoral care means that every boy is carefully watched over and we are proactive in the provision of support for those who need it.

We want our pupils to have their opinions heard and for them to be involved in decision making about their lives. We are committed to independent thinking, honesty and mutual respect, and there are numerous informal, as well as formal, opportunities for pupils’ voices to be heard.

The energetic and rich way of life at King Edward’s gives boys the chance, not only to work hard, but to experience a wide range of activities, to form friendships, and to learn positive lifestyle habits that can support them well beyond their time at school. We want our boys to enjoy their school life to the full, and leave here as young men ready to take their place in the world.

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