Mental health support services

Our mental health support services provide a way of helping boys to work through difficulties that may prevent them from developing to their full potential at school.

For many young people, problems often centre around relationships, self-esteem, academic concerns or a specific difficulty. Whilst these tensions are quite usual, sometimes they can cause a young person to cut off from those people they most need to talk to.

There are always people at school to whom boys can talk to and, in addition, two counsellors from Open Door Youth Counselling provide confidential talking therapy within school twice a week. Boys who may benefit from this service are usually referred to a counsellor by a member of staff, but on occasion a pupil may refer himself.

Boys do occasionally find themselves struggling with more serious concerns such as anxiety, stress or depression. We have a mental health nurse, who is based in school one day a week, and a child and adolescent psychiatrist is available on a case-by-case basis. These specialist staff will see boys within the school day, and are able to diagnose serious mental illness and offer treatment that might have taken many months through the NHS system. Parents are involved at every stage at this level and this service has provided vital support for boys and their families.

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