School Councils

At King Edward’s, we want all members of our community to feel supported and be working towards the same goals. We take the views of our pupils very seriously and School Councils provide a regular opportunity for their voices to be heard.

There are three School Councils that meet the Senior Leadership Team several times a year to discuss a wide variety of issues, the vast majority of which are raised by the boys themselves. Each tutor group sends a delegate to either the Lower School Council (Year 7 and 8), Middle School Council (Year 9, 10 and 11) or Upper School Council (Year 12 and 13).

Major issues discussed have included changes to the timing of the school day, wellbeing initiatives, and the behaviour and rewards system. School Councils have instigated changes to the food offered in the Dining Hall and had input into major building projects, as well as keeping on top of the more day-to-day issues within the School.

The opportunity to represent the views of their peers direct to the Senior Leadership Team and the subsequent feedback to their forms is a valuable exercise in itself. It also gives the boys a much better understanding of the decision-making process in an organisation that depends so much on the goodwill of all the pupils, the teaching staff and the support staff.

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