Senior Production: Chicago 2

Location: Ruddock Performing Arts Centre

Date: Thursday, 30 January 2020

Time: 7pm

Tickets available via the Ruddock Performing Arts Centre.

It’s the roaring 1920s and Chicago is in the grip of jazz fever! Arrested for shooting her lover, Roxie Hart meets vaudeville star Velma Kelly, who is also awaiting trial for murdering her husband. They both start to vie for the attentions of ace lawyer Billy Flynn, renowned for his ability to sweet-talk a jury into ignoring his client’s crimes. As their trial dates draw closer, who will be the first woman in Chicago’s history to face the death penalty?
Chicago is a satirical masterpiece, with glorious, wonderful songs like “All that Jazz”, “Cell Block Tango” and “Razzle Dazzle”. It may have two of the least attractive heroines in history – but the show is joyous celebration of the best (and worst) of the jazz era!