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 King Edward’s is one of the country’s greatest schools, steeped in history while also being forward-facing in its outlook.

“For over 450 years King Edward’s School, Birmingham has been educating the cleverest boys in the region. It has inspired them – and still does inspire them – to take on the challenges the world presents, to make a significant contribution to that world and, most of all, to enjoy doing so.

It was a great privilege to take on the role of Chief Master in 2019, I taught at King Edward’s as a young English teacher in the 1980s, and found then what I find today: a place of learning in the very broadest sense, characterised by seriousness of purpose, lightness of spirit, and natural tolerance.

King Edward’s has a distinctive and distinguished ethos, and the school’s outstanding achievements over the last 10 years were recognised by the prestigious Sunday Times West Midlands Independent Secondary School of the Decade award.

Our school is hugely diverse – perhaps the most diverse independent school in the country. As an IB school we seek to develop in our pupils genuine intercultural understanding, an appetite for learning, and confident intellectual and social versatility.

We are committed to an academically ambitious curriculum, alongside an imaginative and wide-ranging co-curricular programme, in which every individual can find his particular enthusiasm and areas of expertise. Above all, we foster a culture of open-mindedness and kindness, an environment where every boy is known and appreciated, as we support their development from 11-year-old boys to young men, ready to contribute to the world beyond school.

Virtually every one of our pupils will go on to study at a great university. He will also become part of an international network of alumni, providing a unique source of support for his professional life.

If your son comes to King Edward’s, he will join a great school, and leave with great friends. I hope you will want to come here and see for yourselves.”

Dr Katy Ricks
Chief Master

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