Academic scholarships

A number of academic scholarships are awarded to able boys entering Year 7 (11+) and the Sixth Form. All scholarships are awarded on merit and range in value from 5% to 50% of the annual school fees.

At Year 7 entry, academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance in the entrance exam and an interview. For Sixth Form candidates, academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of predicted grades and an interview.

Consideration for an academic scholarship is automatic and no separate application is required at 11+ or 16+. 

Music scholarships

Music scholarships are offered to exceptional young musicians entering Year 7 and occasionally those entering the Sixth Form.

All candidates must audition for a music scholarship and a separate application form can be requested when making an application to the School.

All scholarships are awarded for the duration of a boy’s time at the School, subject to conduct and good progress.

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