Clubs and societies

There are around 50 clubs and societies that meet during lunchtime or after school, so there really is something to interest everyone.

Clubs and societies are a feature of life at KES and can play an important part in pupils’ personal and cultural development. From academic societies, to creative and sporting pursuits, and those that teach practical skills, there’s much to get involved in and boys can even set up their own.

Many meetings feature speakers from universities, commerce and industry while others might take the form of debates or presentations given by boys or staff.

Autumn term 2021

Below you can view the clubs and societies that are meeting regularly. There are also a number of additional events taking place, which vary week by week and are emailed to all pupils in a weekly bulletin. Pupils can access further details for all of the meetings on Firefly.

Club/society Brief description Day/time (if appropriate)

Subject Specific

The Anagnostics

Classical drama reading group; lectures and discussion on anything Classics-related

Thursday 1.10pm

Entomology Club

The study of insects. Open to Shells and Rems.

Monday 1.00pm

Maths Playground

Open to Shells

Monday 8.00am

Modern Foreign Languages Society

Aimed at Shells to UMs

Tuesday 1.00pm


Philosophy reading group Sixths and Divs (and very keen Fifths)

Thursday 4.15pn


Open to Shells and Rems

Wednesday 4.10pm

Reading and Writing

The Edwardian Herald

Pupil-led magazine, open to Removes to Sixths

 Thursday 1.15pm

Writers’ Society

Join and write! Open to all.

Wednesday 1.05pm


Clef Club

Composition club

Monday 4.10pm

KES Choir


Tuesday 4.10pm and Wednesday 8.10am

Choral Society

Open to all from UMs to Sixths

Monday 1.05pm

Concert Band


Tuesday 1.05pm

Concert Orchestra


Wednesday 4.10pm

Guitar Ensemble


Wednesday 4.10pm

Swing Band


Tuesday 4.10pm (Junior), Thursday 4.20pm (Senior)

Symphony Orchestra


Tuesday 4.20pm

Training String Orchestra


Wednesday 1.05pm

Wind Band


Wednesday 1.05pm


Shells Drama Club

Drama Club for the Shells

Monday 1.00pm

Rems’ Drama Club

Drama Club for the Rems

Thursday 12.45pm

Middle School Drama Club

Drama Club for UMs and Fourths

Tuesday 1.00pm

Senior Dramatic Society

For Fifths to Sixths

Wednesday 1.00pm


Details of our sport clubs and practices can be viewed on the sport information page.

Whole School – Faith

Christian Union

All welcome

Wednesday 1.10pm

Islamic Society

  Friday 1.05pm

Sikh Society

Weekly discussions about Sikh teachings and history. Teacher and student led. All welcome!

Thursday 12.55pm

Discussion and Ideas


Talks and discussions on issues in philosophy, religion, ethics

Tuesday 1.05pm

Judicial Society

Looking at legal systems globally and how they have developed throughout history. Open to Fourths to Sixths.

Monday 1.05pm

Junior Debating Society

All welcome, especially Shells to Fifths

Wednesday 1.05pm

Senior Debating Society

For Fifths to Sixths

Wednesday 1.00pm

The Essayists

A great essays reading group for Sixths and Divs

Friday 2.00pm

Sustainability Society

Weekly Zoom to plan Open to Fourths to Divisions

Wednesday 1.10pm


Chess Club

Online games and tournaments

Wednesday 1.00pm (Shells and Rems) and Thursday 12.45pm (UMs to Sixths)

Dungeons and Dragons

  Tuesday 1.05pm

German Film Society

Open to Fourths and above interested in German cinema and culture Monday 4.15pm

KES Twitchers


Friday 7.30am

Mentoring Society

By arrangement only

Daily 1.00pm

Visual Media Society

Cinema & more! Discussion of new series, classic films and plenty other geeky bits besides

Thursday 1pm

Warhammer Club

Open to all

Wednesday 4.00pm


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