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Sport practices – autumn term 2021

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7.15      Water polo training (U15 and U14)



8.00 Fitness suite for Divisions Fitness suite for Sixths Fitness suite for Upper Middles Fitness suite for Fifths Fitness suite for Fourths

Improvers’ Swimming Practice

Cricket Training (Junior – by invitation)

Hockey Training (U12)

Hockey Training (Senior Indoor)


Fitness Suite for Rems

Rugby Practice (all teams except U13)


Hockey Conditioning (1st XI)

Badminton (Shells)



Junior Squash Club

  Indoor Hockey (Senior)





Indoor Hockey (U15, U14)

Fitness suite for Fourths

Hockey Training, Southall (1st XI)

Hockey Training, KEHS (2nd, 3rd XI)

Swimming Club (all year groups)

Martial Arts Club, Sports Hall

Rugby Practice (1st, 2nd, U16A/B, U14A/B, U13A/B XVs)

Table Tennis Club, Brode Room


Fitness suite for Fifths

Hockey Practice, Southall (U13)

Water Polo Training (Senior)

Badminton Club


Fitness suite for Sixths

Hockey Practice, Southall (U14)

Hockey Practice, KEHS (U12)

Water Polo Training (U14, U13)

Ultimate Frisbee, KEHS

Rugby practice (U15A/B XVs)

Fitness suite for Divisions

Hockey training, Southall (U15)

Badminton Club

Water Polo Training (U13 and U12)

Senior Cricket Training (after half term)



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