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Sport practices – spring term 2020

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7.00 Fitness suite Fitness suite Fitness suite Fitness suite

Fitness suite

Water polo training (U15, U14, U13)

7.30   Ultimate Frisbee (Sports Hall)      




Shells’ fencing (Sports Hall)

Rugby practice (all teams)

Hockey training (U12, GK): KEHS

1:1 Cricket nets (Sports Hall)

Improvers’ swimming practice


Junior badminton

Indoor rowing (Fitness suite)

Senior hockey conditioning (U18-U15)

Basketball (Sports Hall)

Eton Fives Club: Fives Courts


Eton Fives Club: Fives Courts


1:1 Cricket coaching (Sports Hall)

Hockey training: Southall 

Cricket training (U12, U14): Sports Hall

Rugby practice (U16, U14, U13): Southfield

Swimming Club

Martial Arts Club (Sports Hall)

Table Tennis Club (Brode Room)

Fitness suite


Hockey practice (U13): Southall 

Water polo training (U18, U15)

Badminton Club

Fitness suite

Hockey practice (U14): Southall 

Water polo training (U14, U13)

Ultimate Frisbee: KEHS

Rugby practice (U15A, U15B XVs): Southfield

Cricket training (U15, U13): Sports Hall 

Water polo training (Rems, Shells)

Badminton Club

Hockey training (U15)

Fitness suite





Challenge time! Bat path reps, who can do the most reps/catches. Film and post to NWR. Winner gets a prize on our return to school. 🏏 Excuse the state of the garden. 🙆🏼‍♂️

Cricketers, please watch this and ask yourself these questions- What does “repetition” and “routine” mean to you as a player and what do you do? Why is it important to your performance ?What fundamental basics does Steve Smith have

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