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KES and KEHS will be commissioning a Masterplan for our shared 50-acre Edgbaston campus.

KES and KEHS will be commissioning a Masterplan for our shared 50-acre Edgbaston campus. This exciting initiative will see a team of architects produce a blueprint for the whole site, encompassing both schools and the Foundation Office (the head office for the 13 schools within the King Edward VI Foundation).

What is a Masterplan?

A Masterplan takes a long-term holistic view of how a site could develop in the coming years, identifying potential areas to repurpose or refurbish and any new facilities which would be beneficial. Crucially, it proposes a sequence for development, to avoid piecemeal projects and to enable the academic, pastoral and co-curricular life of the schools to continue to thrive during renovation or building work. Our Masterplan will consider the buildings on our campus but also our incredible outdoor space, which is such an asset to life here.

Why now?

While we have enjoyed the addition of a small number of new facilities during our nearly 100 years in Edgbaston – the shared Ruddock Performing Arts Centre, the KES Andrew Brode Sports Centre and the just-opened KEHS Design Centre, for example – the campus as a whole is largely unchanged since the 1930s. The move from the city centre to Edgbaston then, was inspired by a forward-thinking desire for excellent educational provision in ample space to meet the holistic needs of students. In a similar fashion, we are now looking ahead not only to what would benefit our current students in the next few years but also to what will enable future students to thrive in the coming decades.

Next steps

Our ambition is to unify and renew our campus, so that it truly meets the needs of both schools and the Foundation as a whole. We look ahead to a modern, inspiring environment, one that is sustainable, digitally-enabling and that unlocks the full potential of our 50 acres. 

Whether you have a child who will soon be coming to the end of their time with us or is just starting out, your input into our future development will be much valued. Architects will wish to speak to as broad a range of our school community as possible, including students, staff, parents and partners, over the coming months, to explore their ambitions for the future.

We look forward to sharing more information about opportunities to be involved in due course. 

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