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King Edward’s School is committed to teaching future generations how to live sustainability and make positive changes.

We believe that it is important for our students to understand the challenges of climate change and to be motivated to take action. We are working to make a difference by considering the environmental impact of our decisions and actions. 

We are signed up to the King Edward VI Foundation Environmental Sustainability Statement, which outlines our key priorities. These are:

Current sustainability initiatives

We are committed to building environmentally friendly buildings that our students can enjoy learning in. We prioritise energy efficiency and environmental impact in all new building projects. 

The KEHS and KES Sustainability Society is a vibrant group of students who are passionate about sustainability. They work together to organise impactful events such as Sustainability Week, educational initiatives and community outreach. The goal of the society is to empower students to actively contribute towards a sustainable future within our schools and the wider community. 

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