Entrance Exams

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One of the key aims of King Edward’s School is to provide an educational experience that is the richest, most diverse and most exciting possible which is accessible to all students of ability, whatever their background.

Our entrance examination is designed to discover that ability, not to place undue demands on the candidates and other information is considered when making the offer of a place.

Preparing for the exam

For entry into Year 7 (11+), the examination consists of three one-hour papers in Mathematics, English and Verbal Reasoning. 

The Mathematics and English papers are written and set by the school specifically for the entrance examination. The Mathematics paper is in two sections, starting at quite an elementary level and becoming progressively more complex. The English paper has a comprehension and the opportunity for continuous writing.



Exam day

Throughout the day, boys are supervised by staff and Sixth Form students and we try to ensure that the boys enjoy the day, even though they are bound to be a little nervous.

The day begins at 9.30am, when the boys will be greeted by our students and taken to sit their first exam. The boys will then be given a 30-minute break and provided with a snack and a drink. The second exam will start after break and then boys are given a one hour lunch break, during which they eat their packed lunch. After lunch the boys sit their final exam and are free to leave at 3pm.

Following the exam

Although the entrance exam plays a vital role in the selection process, other factors are taken into consideration when making the offer of a place so that the boys who attend the school will be able to make the most of the educational experience on offer to them.

The school report is an integral part of the process of selection and the school also gives considerable weight to a candidate’s non-academic achievements and activities. 

A number of interviews are conducted with candidates including those for Assisted Places and Scholarships.

Results are sent out approximately nine weeks after the 11+ examination.

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