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The IB Diploma is based around the detailed study of subjects from each of Groups 1 – 6, choosing three Higher Level (HL) and three Standard Level (SL).

Subjects are covered in-depth to provide an excellent preparation for university study, with breadth and flexibility to allow boys to play to their strengths and pursue personal interests. 

There is the opportunity for specialism in every area. A second subject from Group 2, 3 or 4 may be chosen in place of one from Group 6. 

At King Edward’s School, we offer:

We offer English Literature (HL and SL) and Literature and Performance (SL). Both subjects offer an opportunity to study a variety of texts, with the latter also focusing on the different ways that texts can be transformed by the performance process.  

Whether taking a language as a beginner (at ab initio), at SL or exploring another culture and building towards fluency at HL, the IB courses have a level for all students. 

We offer French, German, and Spanish to all levels, and the classical languages of Greek and Latin are available at both HL and SL.

The chance to further boys’ knowledge and understanding of human experience and behaviour is offered through the humanities at either HL or SL. 

We offer Business Management, Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy and Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS)*. 

Boys explore the application of the scientific method through the rigorous study of concepts, models and techniques. 

Subjects offered: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design and Technology, Sports Exercise and Health Sciences (SEHS) and Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS)*.

Whether boys are keeping their maths ticking along at about the same level as GCSE with the SL Applications course, or stretching themselves to access the best mathematically related degree courses with HL, there is something for everyone in maintaining skill levels in this vital subject. 

Available choices are Analysis and Approaches (HL) or Applications and Interpretations (HL or SL).

Creativity and adaptability is the hallmark of a good education in the arts. Within each of the subjects on offer, the chance to reflect critically and develop performance skills enables boys to explore the dynamic and changing nature of the arts. 

Subjects offered: Music, Theatre Studies or Visual Arts at either HL or SL and Literature and Performance at SL. Taking a Group 6 subject is not a compulsory part of the IB Diploma. 

*ESS may be taken in Group 3 or Group 4. Alternatively, for a student wishing to pursue an additional language or Group 6 subject, it can count for both Group 3 and 4.

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