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KES Leadership provides the opportunity for boys in Year 12 to teach Year 10 and 11 students the many and varied skills needed to succeed in positions of leadership via a series of practical activities.

Offered as part of the Friday afternoon activities programme, KES Leadership is run by the boys themselves under staff supervision and guidance. All of the boys involved develop their interpersonal and communication skills and learn how to effectively work within a team.

The first two years, spent on the Preparation and Foundation courses, provide tuition via a varied and enjoyable series of practical sessions. Boys in Year 10 and 11 may find themselves experiencing such classics as ‘Capture the Flag’, plotting travel routes across Europe, hanging upside down on top of one another on the South Field, or interviewing university students on a political issue.

In Year 12, the senior boys put their leadership skills into practice by running the option for themselves: constructing the curriculum, creating innovative and challenging afternoons, and teaching the very skills they are utilising.

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