Laura Hughes

School news

Pupil receives royal response to HRH Prince Philip tribute

Year 8 pupil Harman has received a letter from The Queen in response to his tribute poem about the late Duke of Edinburgh.

School news

Announcement of new Chair of Governors

Lucy Williams will take over as Chair of the Governing Body following a transition period with current Chair Tim Clarke.

School news

Lieutenancy recognises pupils for their service

The West Midlands Lieutenancy has recognised the service of pupils from KES and KEHS via its Young Active Citizen Award.

School news

Pupils raise £4,700 for KES food bank by playing longest indoor football match

More than 200 pupils continuously played five-a-side indoor football for 36 hours and 30 minutes.

School news

Pupils tackle record for longest indoor football match

Pupils will be tackling the record for the longest indoor football match to raise funds for the KES food bank. 

School news

Student flying high as Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet

A Year 12 student is flying high after being named Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet for the West Midlands region.

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