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American university representatives visit KES

a picture of the american university representatives

At the beginning of October, admissions representatives from five of the most highly-esteemed and selective universities in America visited King Edward’s School Birmingham. 

These universities, which include Dartmouth, Georgetown, Duke, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt, are commonly dubbed as Ivies or an Honorary Ivies because they provide the highest quality in education, as well as top career and graduate school placements.

The educational and professional opportunities at these universities are amplified by their tremendous endowments. For example, Dartmouth’s endowment is $8.5 Billion, while Vanderbilt’s is over $10 Billion. This also means that these universities are in the position to offer extremely generous need-based financial aid and/or merit scholarships and are, in fact, keen to do so.

We were delighted 340 pupils and parents attended the event from KES, KEHS and other schools within the King Edward’s VI Foundation. 

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