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At the car wash!

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Progress with poverty knocked back by around 10 years; millions immiserated by lockdowns around the world, many without government support; starvation.

Those were the harsh facts that jolted us to action, to do what is right, and play our part in the war against this iniquitous scourge. Therefore, we organised a fundraiser for the charity Oxfam, an NGO which plays a pivotal role in sustaining the least fortunate communities in over 63 countries. It is the fulcrum of innumerable communities, running vital resources such as handwashing facilities, clean water and toilets.

This weekend, you are asked to partake in a sponsored car wash. You could wash your parents’ car or even your neighbours’ if you’re up to the challenge! We recommend donations similar to the amount paid at an actual car wash. Don’t be scared if you don’t know how to wash a car – there are plenty of resources online and it is a valuable life skill! It is an opportunity to have fun, do exercise and help millions who are suffering around the world.

If you would like to participate in this event please email Advait Kuravi so we can give you further details about how to participate. If you would like to donate, but not take part, we urge you to go to the JustGiving page.

Everything you donate will help someone who would otherwise be in crisis.

It is so easy to be lethargic, but if everyone delegated responsibility to others, no progress would be made. Let’s coalesce as a school community and work together to aid this vital cause. 

Wash. Donate. Save lives.

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