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Here’s a curious thing. There comes a time when you just stop being read to. The realisation of this sort of creeps up on you and when it does it’s a bit rubbish! There is something joyful and comforting about being read to, so Book at Bedtime is the English Department’s attempt to share that joy just a little. In the Google Classroom boys will find several recordings of their beloved (!) English teachers reading a story. Some are whole stories, some are just an extract. They are all things that we love and hope boys will too. So, they are encouraged to grab a cup of cocoa or hot chocolate (other warming bedtime beverages are available), curl up somewhere comfy, and spend a little while being reminded of the joy of story and the loveliness of someone reading to you. Enjoy!

Below you can listen to Mr Bartlett reading an extract from More Than This by Patrick Ness.

If students would like to join the Book at Bedtime Google Classroom and hear the stories delivered by our wonderful English Department then please find the necessary code on our Clubs and Societies Firefly page

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