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Chess Club at St. Chad’s Sanctuary

St Chad's Sanctuary in Birmingham is fostering connections and language skills through an innovative collaboration with KES pupils.

In a heartwarming initiative, KES pupils, led by Mr Round, have established a Chess Club aimed at engaging with asylum seekers and refugees. 

Held every Friday afternoon during activities at St Chad’s Sanctuary, the club not only provides a strategic and enjoyable experience for its participants but also serves as a unique platform for learning English. Asylum seekers and refugees actively engage in the game while receiving guidance and support from their mentors – KES pupils.  

St Chad’s Sanctuary, known for providing a compassionate space for those seeking asylum, has embraced this hands-on approach to community building. The Chess Club not only enriches the language skills of participants but also fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie. This meaningful initiative fosters a sense of community but also enriches the service experience for the boys, creating a meaningful connection beyond traditional boundaries. 

Mr Round   

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