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With over 400 members from KES and KEHS and many more pupils from the Foundation Schools also joining us this term, the Economics and Business Society continues to grow and attract highly distinguished speakers from across various academic disciplines. Last week, we hosted Professor John Fender, Emeritus Professor of Macroeconomics from the University of Birmingham, who talked about the economic effects of the pandemic in the short and long run, and what the role of policy will be going forward. A recording of his talk can be found here.

This Wednesday, we hosted Sir Charles Bean, former Deputy Governor at the Bank of England, President of the Royal Economic Society, Chairman of the Centre for Economic Policy Research and Professor at the London School of Economics. He discussed economic policymaking in a crisis, drawing on experience from his many years at the Bank of England during the 2008 financial crisis. This was another thoroughly engaging and thought-provoking talk, for which a recording can be found here.

We conclude the term with two more talks which are detailed below. Please do come along to both of them, each on Wednesday at 6pm.

17 March: Professor Alex Tabarrok, Professor at George Mason University and Co-Founder and Educator at the Marginal Revolution University.

24 March: Lord Mervyn King, Baron King of Lothbury, former Governor of the Bank of England (2003–2013).

The Society is all about exposing pupils at King Edward’s to the wider economic and business world as well as encouraging students to become more involved and aware of current affairs. Our goal is to bring in bright minds from across different sectors to foster learning, inspiration and provoke conversations that matter. If you would like to keep up to date with the Society and join in with one of our many events, then do join our Google Classroom, or follow the Economics and Business department blog page.

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