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Lockdown rugby life is very different. We have no one to tackle, no one to pass to and no opposition to beat… so it is hard. However it does give us the chance to work on our ‘Rugby Body’, preparing ourselves for when rugby does return. These sessions on a Tuesday afternoon hope to achieve a further understanding of how to become a better rugby player by exercising using specific rugby based workouts and by eating the right sort of foods. The recipes that Mr Browning and the sports staff gave us were very good, I particularly enjoyed the breakfast burritos! 

For the first week we were invited to join an informative Zoom where Mr Lloyd and Mr Adams went through and demonstrated the different exercises in the workouts. There were three workouts in total; a lower body, an upper body and a fitness/cardio challenge. 

I think that during lockdown these exercise sessions are really important because they improve our health, potentially helping us to fight the virus if we unfortunately do get it, and it gives us something to work towards. It means we know that when we come back to school rugby will be better and stronger than before! It also helps because exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative moods and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. What is not to like about that!

All these things should contribute to us becoming healthier, happier and safer!

Take a look at some example meals from Shells:

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