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Lockdown NHS fundraiser

a picture of Aran Bansal with his bike

With another lockdown declared and the pressure on the NHS rising we felt that, with the extra time lockdown has given us we ought to use it to help those in need and as such we have decided to undertake another challenge to raise money for NHS Charities Together.

This challenge, inspired by the NHS, will involve us undertaking a virtual group relay from the northernmost NHS hospital ‘Caithness General Hospital’ in Wick, Scotland, to the southernmost NHS hospital ‘Royal Cornwall Hospital’ in Truro, England. This challenge, will take place from 2pm on Friday 29 January to 2pm on the Sunday and will be 793 miles long (1276km) split between our team of 10. Fortunately for us we will not be alone in this challenge as Mr Johnson and other members of staff have expressed interest in forming rival teams. As such if anyone would like to take part and form a team of up to 10 people please email Aran Bansal.

For those who would like to donate instead we have a JustGiving page. 

Thank you for reading this and stay safe.

The January Fundraiser Team

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