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Change – a term that is overused, especially so in the dynamic, fluid nature of society today. Yet change is integral to the ethos of Sustainability Society and what we intend to achieve. It’s important for a successful campaign – or revolution rather – to have a strong foundation. And over the past year, significant changes have been made and initiatives raised to address the overriding issue here at hand: climate change. But what’s our vision? With intermittent lockdowns, it’s certainly thrown a spanner in the works, however the idea – the motivation lies undefeated. Our vision is for KES to be carbon-neutral by 2030. One might claim this is far-reaching, perhaps even idealistic, but with the necessary plans and protocols in place we believe that this is pragmatic. 

But where do we see this going? Our vision is not just for Sustainability Society to be taking the mantle. Climate change is a global issue therefore it is incumbent upon us all, as a collective, to take responsibility. It’s crucial that change starts from the elemental form: the individual. It’s pivotal that change starts with the individual making changes and allowances to their own personal lifestyle. What could this be? Cycling or walking to school instead of taking the car. Wearing an extra jumper at home instead of turning up the heating. Cutting down on food waste. There is a plethora of activities and adaptations one can integrate internally into lifestyles which will all amalgamate to institute considerable change.

Our vision is that every member of the KES and KEHS community will become mindful. Greta Thunberg uttered the words, “Wake up.” And waking up we are. The idea is for initiative from the collective to firstly help our school community become a better place, then expand this to a regional scale with the growing Midlands Schools Eco-Network and then on a national scale. With fiery determination and a strong ethos, the path lies ahead for greatness. 

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