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School Captain’s thought of the week

“We’re not just here for us. We’re here for others. All we’ve got is each other.”

Last week I started watching After Life, a TV series created and directed by, and starring Ricky Gervais as the main character. It’s set in the fictional town of Tambury and the main story revolves around Tony, who is coping after the loss of his wife to cancer earlier in the year. Just like some of the people that will be reading this, I will admit that I have watched a lot of TV, but this show is definitely something that I would recommend to everyone (well everyone that is at least 15 years old). This isn’t the standard comedy that people would imagine when they think of Ricky Gervais (i.e. The Office or even his Golden Globe monologues), as it focuses on some very real, sombre and difficult themes, perhaps making it seem more like a drama than comedy. It shares a unique insight into the self-worth of someone dealing with the grief of having lost someone so close to them. The way in which it is delivered makes it so popular as it truly resonates with viewers.

As those of you who have watched the show will already know, I won’t really be allowed to include most of the greatest quotes (well in my opinion at least) since this is a school publication. I always remember what Tony said to his dog Brandy after a stranger ‘kindly’ reminded him to keep the dog on a leash. But, since I wasn’t able to provide you all one for online Big School, here is one I can include:

“We’re not just here for us. We’re here for others. All we’ve got is each other.”

Though it could be argued that this quote conveys life simplistically to a certain degree, I think that this is easily overshadowed by the strong sense of solidarity that it stands for. So please, if you are feeling bored and don’t have anything to do while at home, give After Life a go.


That’s all from me folks.

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