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In honour of Earth Day on Monday 22 April, we recently interviewed KES sustainability society to learn more about what they get up to.

Can you share some of the society’s key initiatives or projects? 

As the Sustainability Society we’re passionate about the environment and our impact on the wider world. We want to create a change in the way students live, we want everyone in school to be aware of our actions: from every time we send an email, to understanding the costs of our personal electronics, to taking care with even with something as simple as empty pages of our exercise books. This may not seem to have significant short-term ramifications, however, together many small changes can make a big difference.

What are some long-term goals or visions the Sustainability Society hopes to achieve?  

When the society was created, the founders set out with a goal to change the culture here at KES, and there have been many ways in which we have seen that happen. However, there is still a lot more to do. We are particularly focused on trying to change the sentiment and ‘stigma’ (if you like) about sustainability. It’s such an important issue for our generation, and we don’t want our planet to be in an irreparable state, but we also want to remain positive and focus on how we can make a difference and find solutions to the issues we face.  

How can other students who are interested in sustainability get involved with the society and contribute to its mission?  

Anyone in school who is interested can of course get involved by using sustainable practice in their day-to-day life. However, students who are looking to create a bigger change in our school community should come to our society every Monday lunchtime in room 159. This year, for example, we’ve heard talks from an OE, Resh Diu, about his sustainable food business and another talk on the topic of low-impact building from one of the country’s biggest engineering firms. And of course, there’s the annual Sustainability Week to look out for too. So please, get involved, the more the merrier! 

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