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The view from the (Remote) Classroom

The end of any half-term is always welcome, perhaps none more so than this one. I’m sure that I’m not alone in feeling ‘Zoomed’ out, or battling with the challenges of home-schooling my own children. However, we’re nearly there: so what have we learnt?

The importance of the rhythms of school life for all of us: staff and pupils. Those simple things: the various kindnesses, the wry humour, engaging company in the classroom and Common Room. In short, shared love for a wonderful school, and a reminder not to take it for granted.

We’ve also learnt that the Free Foresters Cricket Club motto “United though untied” applies as much to KES as to the country’s oldest wandering cricket club, founded in 1856 in Sutton Coldfield. Sadly, there may have been no play on South Field, or at Eastern Road, but the ties that bind us have not been loosened. Perverse though it may seem, they may actually have been strengthened.

All of this makes it important to remember that not everyone has been as fortunate as we have, and that we have a duty to serve both our pupils and the wider community of this wonderful city.

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