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The view from the (Remote) Classroom

a picture of the schols hall

“May you live in interesting times” purports to be a translation of a Chinese proverb, although there is little evidence of it originating there. Its acceptance into everyday speech is often attributed to a late 19th century speech given by Joseph Chamberlain, statesman, formerly of this parish.

I suspect Chamberlain would have considered it apt today, irrespective of its origins. A handful of boys are working, socially distanced, in the Library; the rest of school business is transacted via computer or the ubiquitous mobile phone.

Boys deprived of the closure provided by public examinations are registering for post-examination or transition courses, ranging from studying previous pandemics to juggling. Boys in other years are held to account by teachers with varying degrees of tech-savvy, and varying methods of engaging their students, from Mr Bartlett’s shadow puppets to the modern day call-and-response of Google Classroom or Padlet.

Innovative solutions have, however, long been a feature of KES life. Irrespective of the technology involved, boys and staff have maintained high expectations, their intellectual curiosity, and a shared desire to learn and adapt to life’s challenges, whatever the circumstances. Interesting times indeed.

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