Exam results

King Edward’s School is one of the leading independent schools in the UK and pupils achieve excellent exam results each year. An overview of this year’s results as well as downloads of the full exam results and university destinations for the last four years are available below.  

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma results 2023

Boys who sat the IB Diploma in 2023 achieved excellent results, highlights of which include:

  • Average points score per pupil of 35.9 points (surpassing the global average of 30.24) 
  • One in five of the cohort achieved 40 points or above 
  • Pupils continue to uphold the long-standing tradition of attending top UK universities like Oxford, Cambridge and top London universities, as well as choosing a wonderfully diverse range of subjects. Find out more about the 2023 cohort of university destinations here

Comparing our 2023 Higher Level IB results to equivalent A-level grades provides the following:

Higher Level IB grade Equivalent A-level grade % of grades achieved
7 A* 24%
7/6 A*/A 58%
7/6/5 A*/A/B 90%

GCSE results 2023

The 132 boys who took their GCSEs in 2023 produced another set of outstanding results, highlights include:

  • 44% of grades were 9s (2019: 40%)
  • 69% of grades were 9-8s (2019: 68%)
  • 88% of grades were 9-7s (2019: 85%) 
  9/8 (A*) 9/8/7 (A*/A)
2023 68.6% 87.5%
2022 73.5% 89.4%
2021 73.8% 89.3%
2020 71.7% 88.7%
2019 67.6% 85.4%

IB and GCSE results

Download 2023 IB and GCSE results 

Download 2022 IB and GCSE results

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Download 2020 IB and GCSE results

Download 2019 IB and GCSE results

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