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A word from Vince House

As we approach three months of school closure, I’ve been delighted to see the continuing surge of new clubs and societies forming to bring our total provision to near 40. Pupils now enrol in an average of at least one society each, making 1,301 enrolments so far! You’ll read articles on the Horticultural and Visual Media societies in this issue of KES Community.

Pupils and Old Edwardians have been keen to engage with the issue of social justice on several of the discussion and debating platforms at KES and embrace their position as global citizens in line with our school values. Their drive to support change for a better world – the IB mission – is a continuing strength and one we hope to see in all boys as they move through the school. If you have not yet had chance to watch the assembly on racism, thoughtfully created and delivered by School Captain Emil Ali, Loulseged Belayhun in Sixths and Old Edwardian Arinze Okemuo (2019), I would encourage you to take half an hour to do so.

Many boys continue to watch talks online by visiting speakers on a range of topics including code breaking, statistics and politics, with more than 160 members of Economics and Business Society alone and over 40 Fifths signing up to lectures on the Science of Wellbeing. I was really impressed by the questions they fired at the Mayor of the West Midlands and Old Edwardian Andy Street last week.

Next week, Divisions embark on their IB Science Internal Assessments, and a colleague has passed on to me the words of scientist Richard Feynman:

“The attitude of the mind – this attitude of uncertainty – is vital to the scientist, and it is this attitude of the mind which the student must first acquire.”

As a teacher of literature, I respond with the words of the poet Tennyson’s great friend, William Allingham:

“A poet’s doubts and anxieties are more comforting than a scientist’s certainties and equanimities.”

No discipline has rights on uncertainty, but it is certain that the period we are living through will have strengthened our capacity to live with it. I hope you enjoy reading more stories from our inspiring pupils as they continue to excel in their wider experiences of school life.

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